Reiki and Wildness

Offering reiki to wild things is a way of cooperating with the organic intelligence of the material world. What beats your heart is wild. The love in your dog’s eyes is wild. Your soul’s code is wild, unresponsive to the dictates of the conscious mind.

There are things that don’t obey us. This is good. Just as you wouldn’t let your demanding two-year-old into the operating system of your computer, there are enormous swaths of life that run independent of our tinkering. To try to impose our limited agenda on the elegance of our wildness is arrogant and grandiose at best, inevitably leading to catastrophic results.

In our wildness is our ability to heal. To surrender to it is to deliver ourselves to the unmade and chaotic realms where matter and spirit, form and emptiness, come together. It is the intersection where what we are made of meets what we come from and we understand that there is no difference between the two.  

So working with wild things is about listening, noticing, allowing, and learning from beings and parts of self far wiser than us. Pay attention and be willing to adapt and follow. Be receptive to the deeper impulses as they pull you out of your habituated response to life and into the places where you have no control.  Let yourself be held; let something else steer the ship.

Whether you are working with a fallen sparrow or your own deepest wounds, soften the edges of your container and impose no agenda or tether. Let what you are working with move freely into and out of the field of the energy you are offering, trusting that they know what intensity and duration works for them.  Hands on or long distance, just make the reiki available and trust that the wisdom of the wild thing will use it well.