Reiki Session

Reiki is gentle and noninvasive, a field that models who you were before you got lost.  This reminder is like waking from a dream, as layers of holding against the love you are made of begin to let go.  Physical pain, emotional distress, recurrent anxiety, held grief and trauma, and a life that feels stuck are all responsive to reiki. Over time, even the deepest patterns can be released.

A Reiki session is like a facilitated meditation, a deep rest where you drop into levels of self beneath the places that are tangled and confused by your responses to past experience.  Here you can recalibrate and recover based on the resilience of your true nature.

Sessions last 75 minutes giving plenty of time for check-in and integration before and after the hands-on work.  Cost is a sliding scale of $110 to $125.


Somatic Counseling

When something happens to shake up our lives, we find ourselves at a crossroads, an intersection where there was once a straight line. This can be very frightening. And yet it is also an opportunity to release old patterns and structures in our physical, emotional and energetic bodies that have kept us from experiencing our wellness.

While the mind wants to complicate things, our bodies hold a very readable map to our unconscious. Guided by an awareness of sensation which helps us to see the unseen, we are able to reinhabit abandoned places in ourselves. Undischarged energy in our nervous system from old trauma can be released, along with limiting and toxic misconceptions about who we are.

This is a simple, gentle and respectful process that reconnects us with our deepest truth and allows us to manifest a life increasingly safe from unconscious sabotage. Over time we develop the skill of listening to the teachings of the body and make our decisions based on this infallible wisdom. We learn how to start again, and reclaim the beauty and limitless potential of our true nature.

Cost:  Sliding scale of $110 to $125 for a 75-minute session.

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Distance Healing

Reiki works outside of time and space, and so it is possible to receive reiki at a distance, anywhere, any time, any place. The possibilities are infinite, but some examples of the usefulness of this are:

•            Reiki for oneself or a loved one during crisis, illness or surgery;

•            Healing to resolve conflicts for the best possible result;

•            Support for an upcoming event, such as a job interview or mediation;

•            Care for distressed, ill, or injured animal companions;

•            Resolution of past traumatic events.

The 90-minute session includes both an initial check-in and a post-session integration in addition to one hour of energy work.  Cost is $125.


Reiki Classes

Mia teaches all levels of Reiki.  Some upcoming classes include:

Reiki Level One (group or private)

Reiki Level Two

Reiki Level Three

Nine-Month Master/Teacher Intensive

Six-Week Levels One and Two Intensive

Continuing Reiki Education Series

Reiki Process Group

Animal Reiki (group or private)

Reiki for Animals

Reiki is a wonderful way to care for and connect with your animal companions.  Learn how to be with them with the same depth of presence they hold for you. 

Animal reiki is simple to learn and facilitates tremendous sharing and communication between you and any animal you come in contact with, domestic or wild. 

Whether you’re wanting to increase your animal friend’s overall wellness, are negotiating with a chronic illness, or needing support in a hospice situation, reiki can help you with their care.  Individual or group training available.

Reiju or Reiki Attunement

There are two forms of Reiju known to Reiki students in the West, the attunements given by students of Hawayo Takata, and the Reiju ritual performed by Mikao Usui when he met with his students.  Mrs. Takata taught that one need only be attuned once at each level, and this has been the Western practice until recently. 

With more and clearer information about the origins of Reiki, teachers of Reiki now offer regular Reiju or attunements as a means of deepening a student’s understanding of the nature of Reiki with this “conveyance of a great bright light,” as Usui Sensei described the Reiju process.

To honor the Usui and Takata traditions, you will receive both versions of the ritual, beginning with the Usui Reiju then proceeding with a Takata attunement at the level where the student is currently working.  There will be time to check in with any questions you may have about Reiki and your practice, or any challenges you may be having integrating the work.  In a busy world with many distractions, regular Reiju is a lovely way of staying engaged in the practice of Reiki as a path to awakening.

Cost is a sliding scale of $110 to $125 for a 75-minute appointment.