Nine-Month Reiki Master/Teacher Training
to May 24

Nine-Month Reiki Master/Teacher Training

Mia has been sharing reiki for 29 years, and teaches a combination of the traditional Usui form as well as the Takata method more familiar to most people in the West.  Blending ancient and modern in this way, reiki becomes both readily accessible to anyone, as well as a meditation and path of awakening to the truth of what we are.  Developing a relationship with this work means having a ground of being that remains true no matter how the circumstances of our lives may shift around us. 

A large focus of the training is developing a somatic awareness of our energy anatomy, learning practices, symbols, and mantras that rehome us in our felt-sense awareness of what is happening on the subtle levels of our experience. We tune ourselves as instruments of loving kindness grounded in limitless resource.  

There will be guest teachers and field trips to broaden our experiential understanding, studying physical and energy anatomy, self-care and boundaries, somatic awareness, working with trauma, ethics and professionalism, animal reiki, and more. We will also cover the nuts and bolts of what it means to start a reiki practice: how to discuss reiki with prospective clients, how to begin developing a practice while you’re still in training, how to make your own certificates, and more.

Over the course of the nine months, we will cycle through each of the three levels of reiki three times, spiraling deeper with each pass and unlocking greater understanding of how reiki moves through us as body, mind and spirit. Each month, students will meet with Mia privately to receive a hands-on attunement in the style of Mrs. Takata, as well as reiju, a ritual developed by Mikao Usui to help us awaken to our true nature. Then we will all meet as a group for a full-day workshop. Between our meetings we will create community by setting up reiki practices and exchanges, and students will be given assignments every week to help them stay focused and immersed in the work.

Combining down-to-earth advice with the most esoteric aspects of the work, students will graduate with a solid body of knowledge, many hours of hands-on experience, a circle of support, a personal practice of self care, and the ability to offer and teach all three levels of reiki. Whether you are new to reiki or have been practicing for years, this in-depth intensive will deepen your skill and understanding, and set you firmly on the path.

Classes are small, limited to ten people, and will be held one Sunday every month from September through May, from 10:00 to 5:00, in Fairfax, CA.  (9/22/19, 10/20/19, 11/17/19, 12/15/19, 1/19/20, 2/16/20, 3/15/20, 4/19,20, 5/17/20.) 

Cost: $1700 if paid in full by September 1, 2019
$1950 if paying monthly
($195 deposit due on registration.)

“This is an incredible nine-month class well worth your time and energy. You will discover the deep and rich practice of reiki along with other practices to enhance your spiritual and healing journey. Each month is a time of deep exploration, self care, the care of others and forming relationships with your fellow classmates that will go beyond the nine months. I love having reiki as a way not only for self healing, but also to be of service. Mia’s knowledge and guidance are vast and compassionate. Take this class!” ~ V.C.B.

"Your thought provoking questions and stories throughout the nine months have been so inspirational. Your grace and patience and humor throughout class were greatly appreciated and made it great fun. I have a much better understanding of how much power I have to shape my life." ~ D.C.D.

“I have known Mia for over 20 years. She has guided my reiki practice into a realm of artistry, spirit, faith, and wisdom far beyond what I had learned in my initial training, and grounded it in practicality, deep caring, and humor (attributes of true masters).  Her astute love, far-ranging intelligence, and broad holistic understanding of energy, matter, and our worldly world helped me to access deep peace and healing of the body/mind/spirit for myself, my family, and my clients; to trust in the palpable unknowable, and to access the human gifts that connect us all to the Divine. 

Recently, after having allowed my reiki practice to flag, and to become fatigued in my roles of massage therapist, screenwriter, wife, daughter, and mother, I took Mia’s gestational 9-month Reiki teachers’ training, hoping for a true rebirth! I was not disappointed. The deeply nourishing monthly initiations and encouraged, focused practice, the group-engaged discussions, the field trips and visiting healers, and Mia’s incredible “textbook” of rational explanation and inspired wisdom were life-changing, and continue to be so to this day. 

Whatever your path, reiki is yours, and Mia is your guide and ground. Give yourself, those you love, and the world this gift of the full-bellied solace that will keep growing and nourishing you every day and every year, for a lifetime. “ ~K.M.

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Monthly Reiki Circle
6:30 PM18:30

Monthly Reiki Circle

As practitioners of reiki, our lives are always evolving, opening up to greater possibility. A reiki circle is a way of connecting to others who share your commitment to be a source of good in the world.  We meet once a month to trade experiences, stories, questions, and hands-on work.  We also share in a circle where we offer reiki to wherever it may be needed in our lives and the world.  Being part of a larger community of practitioners allows us to hold space for one another’s growth as we hone our skills and explore the meaningful questions that come up along the way. 

Circles are held the first Monday of every month from 6:30 to 9:00.  If you plan on coming, please RSVP to ensure space is available. 

Suggested donation:  $10 to $20. 

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to Jun 11

Reiki Levels I & II ~ A Six-Week Intensive


In addition to being a healing art, Reiki is a path to awakening, a simple and effective means to connect to the unassailable truth of our nature. Being trained in reiki grounds us in the most reliable part of ourselves, allowing us to meet life with equanimity and the skills to be of service. While reiki is easily accessible and it is possible to be trained in a one-day class, some students feel called to a more comprehensive study of the work. 

This intensive training is designed to be an in-depth exploration of the first two levels of the work, the receptive and the active principles at play. It includes six 2.5-hour classes and two private attunement appointments. We will cover:

•The nature and roots of reiki
•The offering of reiki - intuition vs. systems-based sequences
•Self care
•Creating boundaries and safety for ourselves and our clients
•Japanese reiki techniques
•Energy anatomy
•Physical anatomy
•Working with trauma
•Comprehensive study of the symbols and mantras associated with the first two levels
•Somatic awareness and embodiment of the symbols
•Working outside of time and space
•Reiki as complementary care - how to interface with other systems of healing
•How to start a reiki practice
•And more

In addition to the attunements associated with each level, each student will receive weekly reiju, an offering that opens and balances the subtle body and helps to process all of the information. Students are encouraged to connect outside of class to practice and share.

Whether you are wanting to deepen your work with yourself or clients, or you would like to begin your practice with a truly grounded understanding, this training will place you firmly on the path with skills and resources, and a community of support.

Class is limited to eight participants. Cost is $500. Early bird discount: $450 if paid in full by April 23 , 2019. Payment plans available. $150 deposit to hold your space. 

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to Sep 3

Reiki III ~ A Three-Week Intensive


In the third level we begin to explore the most mysterious and esoteric aspects of a reiki practice. The class includes a private appointment in which students receive both reiju and the Takata  attunement associated with this level, and are introduced to the fourth symbol and mantra in the Usui system. We'll discuss how this potential for awakening can be incorporated in both your personal practice and your work with clients. We'll also continue exploring the energetic processes that each symbol and mantra represent. Folding the new symbol into what you've already learned, a reliable means of accessing a deeper sense of ground, wisdom, and compassion becomes available, allowing you to move through life with more ease.      

The 2.5-hour class meets once a week on Mondays for three weeks from 6:30 to 9:00 pm beginning August 20, 2018.  The cost is $250.  $75 deposit to hold your space.  

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Animal Reiki on the Ranch
10:00 AM10:00

Animal Reiki on the Ranch

Spend the day on a beautiful ranch in Sebastopol sharing reiki with horses, llamas, chickens, and cats.  All levels of reiki are invited to participate to learn how to respectfully offer reiki to animals big and small.  

Working with animals teaches us a great deal about how to hold space, to trust and listen rather than tinker and fix.  It acknowledges that reiki helps us to enter into what Rumi describes when he writes:
"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about."

Cost:  $125

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Reiki and Loving Presence
10:00 AM10:00

Reiki and Loving Presence

"Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends."

Loving presence and reiki are inseparable, one and the same.  Sitting in a state of kind noninterference with ourselves and others generates a field of safety and permission that makes it possible for the held places to let go.  In this experiential workshop we will explore the nature of loving presence, experiment with how different postures and attitudes affect the client-practitioner relationship, and learn somatic practices that help us keep our seat under distracting circumstances.  

This class is part of the reiki continuing education series, and includes a private reiju/attunement session.  Reiki practitioners of all levels are welcome.  

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Reiki II Class
10:00 AM10:00

Reiki II Class

The second level of reiki is where we learn how to more deeply engage with the skills and gifts we received at level one. Exploring three energy centers in the body that represent power, love, and wisdom, the practice becomes a discipline of working with symbols, mantra, and meditation to help you come into balance and alignment. As your practice strengthens, so does your ability to be an agent of wellness in the world.  

We will cover

*            Reiki as meditation and path
*            The three symbols associated with level two
*            Boundaries, ethics, and self care
*            Remote healing
*            Addictive patterns
*            Working with animals
*            Reiki and trauma

Whether you are new to this level or you’ve previously studied the symbols and were left feeling bewildered or unsatisfied, this class will give you a revelatory understanding of the nature of reiki and how it moves through you.

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